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You need to use simple polarising glasses. The proprietry monitor drivers enable 3D viewing with DX-9 and DX-10 games with any brand video card.

On the other hand, these drawbacks can be put up with. I can assure you about that because I wear eyeglasses, too. If you need to distract from your play for a couple of minutes, you can just lift the clip-on lenses up without taking them off.

Included into the kit are a plastic case for the glasses and a microfiber napkin for cleaning them. Do not forget to remove the protective film from both sides of the lenses prior to wearing them.

The included disc contains the same 3D-stereo driver from Nvidia. The driver was installed without problems. After the installation, there appeared a Desktop icon of its control panel. Besides setup options, the control panel offers a good test of the 3D mode.

One of the most important options of the Control Panel is the Depth Amount slider which refers to the depth of the emulated 3D space. If you feel a headache or have difficulties focusing on the image in the stereo mode, you should try to reduce the spatial depth. If, on the contrary, the image seems too flat, try to increase it. You can see two buttons that launch 3D tests here.

The Medical Test Image button opens a window with text and an object. Without the polarizing eyeglasses this looks like a square chaotically filled in with black dots.

In the eyeglasses, if the monitor is set up correctly, you can see a second square which is placed against the first one but closer to you. It seems to be hanging in front of the screen as if you can touch its corner with your finger. You can find the optimal position of your head relative to the screen using this test. As I found out, the ZM-M220W gives you a lot of freedom in choosing your head position. The 3D picture remains in fact the same if you move your head around a little.

However, the screen must be placed in such a way that your eyes were opposite its center. The 3D picture splits up if viewed from above. The picture is so three-dimensional that you get a feeling the logo is just sticking out of the screen. But as soon as you take the eyeglasses off, you only see a fuzzy and stirring jumble of lines. The site posts latest news, in-depth reviews and analytical materials on processors, graphics cards, motherboards, memory, storage devices, cooling solutions, systems cases, power supply units, monitors and different computer peripherals.

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Апостол взывает: Представьте тела ваши в жертву живую; обновление ума вашего.

Очки с активными затворами, например, те же Nvidia 3D Vision, используют линзы с жидкими кристаллами перед каждым глазом. Очки получают инфракрасный сигнал синхронизации с базовой станции.

Или на 4х одноглазых Понравилось. Этот сигнал необходим, чтобы очки синхронизировались с дисплеем, то есть чтобы левый глаз был заблокирован, когда на телевизоре выводится кадр для правого глаза, и наоборот. Обратите внимание, что существует "интервал гашения" при переходе с одного кадра на другой, когда очки с активными затворами блокируют оба.

Вы также можете просматривать другие 3d форматы стериопара, чересчёрточный и т. Нет, очки предназначены только для телевизоров LG. При использовании данного метода качество изображения сильно ухудшается и цвета передаются не. Настройка Stereoscopic Player: Для просмотров стереопарных 3D фильмов. Для просмотров чересстрочных 3D фильмов. Для просмотра 3D-фильмов вам понадобиться "Stereoscopic Player".

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